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March 12, 2015

ODESHI 020 - What I Learned From Taking 15 Years To Become An Overnight Success with André De Wet

Meet André de Wet, the CEO of Pricecheck, Africa’s leading price comparison website and e-commerce powerhouse.

In this episode André shares advice, and gives us meaningful insights on what’s helped him be successful over the last two decades. Before the age of 30, André had dropped out of medical school, worked a corporate job, sold encyclopedias door-to-door, built successful a start-up and lost everything!

These experiences may have hindered a lesser man, but not André, he didn’t let his past dictate his future. He recovered from his failures and went on to launch a string of successful businesses in South Africa, before he decided to venture to Asia and Europe to gain international experience in the Tech industry. André says he owes much of this success to his interest and passion for personal development, and a willingness to take risks. When asked to summarize what he gleaned from his business experiences, André notes that “It takes 15 years to become an overnight success,” and “You only get one shot at this miracle called life. Take all the chances you can. It's ok to fail.”

Today, as the CEO of Pricecheck, he runs a company that is single-mindedly focused on providing highly targeted lead generation for online stores, as well as providing an extremely essential service for the busy shopper who needs some guidance and reassurance while shopping. Pricecheck was named the International App of the Year at Blackberry Live conference in 2013, beating over 100,000 apps to clinch the coveted title.

Ever the tireless CEO, André and his team are working assiduously to help make the buying decision for shopper by offering innovative solutions via mobile. A very articulate speaker and consummate professional, André mentors budding startup entrepreneurs and is a frequent speaker at many prestigious events  across globe.


Key Takeaways

  • Africa is Mobile
  • The Oppourtuinity is Now!!!
  • Personalization is the driving force for mobile in Africa.
  • Localize your solutions to the environment.

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