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May 19, 2015

ODESHI 022 - How A South African Startup Is Changing The African VOD Industry with Simba Mabasha Part 1

In this week's episode, we chat with Simba Mabasha the co-founder of Wabona, a streaming Video On Demand service based out of South Africa. Simba and his cofounded pioneered the online subscription video streaming service in South Africa with the intention of delivering  African video content to markets in the African diaspora (Africans living outside of their home countries) and Pan Africa. Though a successful venture, today, the road to entrepreneurship was not a cake-walk for the lawyer turned entrepreneur who struggled to raise money to finance his dream. However, he decided to take some imaginative action after spotting an opportunity in the FMCG space and used the proceeds to finance his startup.


Simba noted that he's had to overcome a lot of challenges, think creatively and negotiate his way through major obstacles. In the course of our discussion, he talks about everything from his time at the 88 mph incubator to his biggest regret. He believes that the African entrepreneur needs to develop skills to solve domestic problems and not import external solutions. So listen and learn but more importantly take action and make your dreams happen.

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