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October 31, 2017

Benny Parihar Of Discusses How To Grow The Fastest Growing Cryotherapy Business In World

Benny Parihar is the co-founder of CRYO, the fastest growing retail cryotherapy business in the world. He and his co-founder Kai Stubbe launched their first facility in the most unlikely location in the world.

Dubai, UAE, known as the crown jewel of the middle east and home to a very thriving economy with a cosmopolitan population, proved to be a formidable testing ground for the concept of using cryotherapy as means of facilitating wellness and recovery from physiological ailments.

Within a few months, the venture took off thanks to some savvy marketing and premium positioning. It turned out that people from the royal family to ordinary citizens loved the idea of being able to experience extreme winter conditions in a country that is known for having temperatures as high as 50C.

In our conversation we discussed how they launched the business within 90 days of coming up with the concept, the many obstacles the faced in getting things right, their launch and positioning strategy, competing with larger companies in the space, creating vertically integrated businesses, international expansion via franchising and much more.

I hope you listen, learn and take plenty of notes. We covered a great deal about the cryotherapy business.


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