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August 1, 2018

David C. Baker Discusses How You Can Profit From Your Creativity & Expertise In The Expert Economy

David grew up with a tribe of Mayan Indians in a remote village in the highlands of Guatemala. He’s an author, speaker, and advisor to entrepreneurial experts and his fifth book, The Business of Expertise: How Entrepreneurial Experts Convert Insight to Impact + Wealth teaches entrepreneurs how to elevate their impact.

David is a helicopter and airplane pilot, an avid photographer, and taught high performance motorcycle riding/racing. Based in Nashville, he has visited and worked all over the world. He is married, has two boys, two daughters-in-law, and multiple grandchildren.

His work has been featured in the WSJ, Fast Company, USA Today, Inc. Magazine, and Forbes. He speaks regularly at various TEDx events, Harvard, Adobe, and major international conferences to audiences looking for accessible and refreshing insight into how experts shape their world.


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