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March 23, 2020

How To Become Recession Proof with Jonathan Slain

Jonathan Slain is the Founder and CEO of, an author, a highly respected keynote speaker, and an expert on recessions & why business owners don’t need to fear them. Jonathan understands not only how to prepare your business for the next major recession, but also how to turn it into a profitable opportunity.

Jonathan believes that the savvy entrepreneurs are the ones making plans now, so they can be buyers when opportunity knocks. They’re looking forward to purchasing failing companies and hiring top talent when others are caught unprepared by a recession.

Having come from the world of investment banking, working on mergers and acquisitions, Jonathan has seen firsthand how businesses with successful leadership mistakenly hit plateaus. Now, working exclusively with Founders, Owners, CEOs, and Management Teams, Jonathan uses that experience to help best-in-class companies worldwide achieve their vision of success.

Jonathan spent the last Great Recession huddled in the fetal position on the floor of his office. He borrowed $250,000 from his mother-in-law to survive. Jonathan paid his mother-in-law back and is now a highly sought-after consultant .

Jonathan understands not only how to prepare your business for the next major recession but also how to turn it into a profitable opportunity

Whether working with entrepreneurial niche/specialty firms or large corporations ($10M+ in annual revenue), the direction and insight Jonathan imparts, positions businesses to advance to levels they dream about often, but rarely achieve on their own.

Jonathan’s book, “Rock the Recession: How Successful Leaders Prepare For, Thrive During, and Create Wealth After Downturns” came out in September 2019 and is a #1 Amazon Best Seller.

In today's episode, we discuss the possibilities of an imminent recession, and how the situation could be used positively as an opportunity for growth.

In this episode, you'll learn..

  •  No need to be afraid of recessions
  •  Recessions are opportunities
  •  Non-Economic Recessions
  •  Pulling the Emergency Brake

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