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May 23, 2017

053 Change Your Life Using The Power Of Decisions with Jim Palmer

Jim Palmer is a business & marketing expert and an in-demand business coach and consultant. Though he started from humble beginnings and spent many years in corporate, he turned his prior experiences into valuable assets which have helped him build many highly profitable & lucrative businesses including “The Dream Business Coach,” No Hassle Newsletters, Stick Like Glue Radio and lots more.

However, things were not always so good. At one point Jim was unemployed for over a year and spent at least 14 months fighting for his life as a result of a cancer diagnosis. Rather than give up and feel sorry for himself, Jim dug deep and applied his faith and prayed for healing, guidance & direction on what his next move would be.

While recovering from cancer, he launched a newsletter writing business. He noted that the company generated no revenues for over a year. To make ends meet and provide food, clothing, and shelter for his young family, he worked the late night and early morning shifts stocking shelves at Target while spending his afternoons building his fledgling business. It was a humbling experience but necessary because he believed that men and women should do whatever it takes to provide for their families regardless of their situation.

These days Jim spends his time working on his numerous business ventures and helping budding entrepreneurs launch their dream business. He runs the Stick Like Glue Radio podcast where he interviews many experts on various topics and has authored several books including Decide: The Ultimate Success Trigger and Just Say Yes: Create Your Dream Business and Live Your Dream Lifestyle all of which are listed on

Jim shared a lot of valuable information and insights in this episode. I hope you listen, learn and take lots of notes. For more details on Jim visit

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