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September 9, 2014

ODESHI 007 - How To Build Successful Software Businesses in Africa with Churchill Mambe Nanje


At the age of 19 yrs old Churchill decided to that he wanted to be an entrepreneur. Instead of enrolling in university,  he took a year off after graduating from high school to follow his dream. In that time, he taught himself to write software code by working in cybercafés for free. His strategy of giving out his services for free enabled him to he learn while on the job through visiting online forums and garnering skills sets from there. That year off enabled him to parlay his knowledge of into a teaching position, and while at this teaching position he came up with his first start-up.  Today, he is the brains behind the company dubbed "Africa’s fastest growing job search engine,, an online platform that bridges the gap between employers and job-seekers". Churchill is currently working to ensure that becomes a tool as necessary as your daily toothbrush. 

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