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August 10, 2015

ODESHI 025 - How To Be A Master Of Creativity In Business And Life with Nalini Aubeeluck



In today's episode, we chat with the an undisputed master of creativity. Nalini Aubeeluck is a serial entrepreneur who has started several successful ventures in her native Mauritius.  A classically trained dancer, Nalini started the Nalini Dance School after spotting a gap in the entertainment sector. She soon grew the business to become the leading dance studio and performance group in Mauritius, inspiring many fans home and abroad. However, after a successful 15 year run her company ran into serious financial trouble as a result of the financial crises. Recognizing the need to diversify her income stream to survive the crises and support her family, she then brainstormed and came up with an idea for a one-stop shop for fashion and beauty. She presented the idea at a business competition and it was green light & subsequently produced. At that moment, Nalini had pivoted herself from creative artist to highly respected  TV producer.  Proving that her concept was viable, she came up with a second TV show centered around men. While developing the TV shows, she noticed another gap in the market and created a fashion label called FAITH. Though a young brand, FAITH is currently gaining publicity as a  brand to watch. As a result of her exploits and various business interests, Nalini has been recognized as the unofficial Ambassador of Entrepreneurship in Mauritius and has been featured on CNN's African Voices. Her philosophy, tenacity, faith, belief in God and willingness to take risks embodies the true spirit of being a "Bulletproof Entrepreneur". 

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