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October 7, 2015

ODESHI 026 - How To Come Back From Epic Failure And Win Big With Raindolf Owusu

In this week’s episode, we chat with Raindolf Owusu, a 24-year-old tech wiz kid who’s breaking all the rules and writing some new ones along the way. Raindolf is the founder and CEO of Oasiswebsoft, a web development company based out of Accra, Ghana. Raindolf's foray into the technology space was quite accidental.While growing up in Ghana one fateful day, his dad brought home a computer for his older siblings. However, his fascination with the device would change the trajectory of his life. From his early encounter, he dreamed of the creating many things with the aid of the marvelous device.

Though a visual arts student in high school, he decided to obtain a degree in Computer Science from a private university in his hometown. As a direct result of being bored with the academic curriculum, he and his friends (Kwabena and Aaron) decided to build Africa’s first web browser “Anansi.” They received accolades and publicity for their efforts and then decided to parlay their early success into building their first company.

Though, the brilliant young men were passionate about the work, they had diverging visions of the future, and so each man decided to follow his calling.Raindolf, undaunted decided to follow up with their initial dream and launch Oasis Websoft, a web development company with the sole aim of solving challenging African problems with technology.

But the early success  Raindolf met would soon be replaced by a near crippling failure. He intrepidly decided to build an Operating System based on Linux. After spending many months working, he released the project to the world and was immediately met with an astounding amount of negative feedback.

Though, despondent and dejected by the negative feedback he decides to use the criticism as fuel to power his dreams. He throws himself back into his work and builds two new apps “Bisa” and "Doctor Diabetes", which are healthcare portals that provide a valuable service for young Ghanaian.  In addition to his healthcare apps, Raindolf has also created Anasipedia and Ebola  Ghana Alert.

His prolific abilities in programming, leadership and management has caught the eye of many international organizations and has opened doors for his personal and professional life. Case in point, his recent induction as a 2015 Mandela Washington Fellow  and his  ongoing partnership with IBMWith renewed validation and restored confidence Raindolf is now on a quest to raise funds to grow his start up and show the world how to build a world class company from Ghana.


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