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February 29, 2016

ODESHI 029 - How To Build A Thriving Peak Performance Consulting Practice From Nothing with Emeka Azinge CEO Emedith Consulting

In this episode, we talk with Emeka Azinge aka Mr. Emedith, the founder of Emedith Consulting & Emedith Solicitors. Emeka started his companies after completing his mandatory one year National Youth Service. During his service year, he realized that he was not suited to the regular 9 to 5 routine. Although he was working at a prestigious law firm and was on track to receive a full-time employment offer, he felt that the bureaucratic and structured nature of the role was antithetical to his entrepreneurial ambition.

Upon completion of his service year, armed with little substantive work experience and a lot of faith he decided to launch his law firm and consultancy businesses. His supreme confidence in his abilities and absolute faith in God gave him the courage to pursue his dreams aggressively despite the challenges. He noted that starting out as a young entrepreneur in Nigeria, the primary challenge he faced, and most young entrepreneurs face is “Converse Ageism” - a bias against a person based on their youth and lack of experience. However, he was able to overcome this obstacle by continuously over-delivering, time and again on all his consulting projects and cases. He noted that to overcome converse ageism, a young entrepreneur must be excellent at their job, therefore making it physically and mentally impossible for a potential client or detractor to ignore you.

Though, a passionate lover of Nigeria, Emeka believes that the government has done nothing to help the youth of the country, and this has created a powder keg of problems that has inevitable devastating consequences. In a bid to provide a solution to the youth unemployment problems facing the country, he has come up with the YAE (Youth Affiliate-Entrepreneurship) model as a framework for creating a parallel economy in which young entrepreneurs can create businesses and opportunities for themselves by leveraging on a network of experienced young entrepreneurs. Though the model is still in the conceptualization phase, Emeka has received a tremendous amount of support and positive feedback and is currently making giant strides towards implementing the model.

Today, his businesses have grown significantly, and he is a highly sought after trainer and coach in the entrepreneurship, personal development and peak performance fields in Nigeria. In addition to building his businesses, he spends a significant amount of his time on his two biggest passions, attempting to quench his insatiable thirst for knowledge by pursuing a Doctor of Business Administration degree from the University of Liverpool and motivating, mentoring and inspiring teenagers to become high achievers by unleashing their power to shine. As always we hope that you listen, learn and take massive action to achieve your goals.

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