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May 2, 2016

ODESHI 031- How To Launch A Successful Non-Tech Start-Up With Charles Okeibunor of IRMP

In today's episode, we chat with Charles Okeibunor ( aka "TheWorkplace Transformer") the founder of IRMP, a world-class workplace development program that teaches unique methods on how to manage and resolve conflicts that arise from interpersonal misunderstandings in the workplace. / / A qualified lawyer by profession, he developed a love for Alternative Dispute Resolution and decided to specialize in the field.Upon realizing that there were no firms in Nigeria that specialized in Alternative Dispute Resolution practices, he decided to create a company that specialized in ADR. He enrolled in an internationally recognized training program and became certified as one of the few specialists in Mediation & Negotiation in Nigeria. / / Eager to apply his newly acquired skills, he energetically started a campaign to convince corporations that they could save significant amounts of time and money by resolving their issues through mediation as opposed to litigation. Many firms were resistant to the idea and did not buy into the vision. Frustrated that his ideas did not take hold, he decided to go back to the drawing board and brainstorm a means of getting his point across. While taking a shower, he had a ?eureka moment?. / / Identification, Resolution, Management, and Prevention (IRMP). He figured that if he could stop/reduce the issues that resulted in workplace conflict, then it's highly unlikely that the organization would reach the point of litigation. And thus, the IRMP framework was born as a tool to manage and resolve conflicts between Managers & Employees, Employees & Employees, and the Company & Its Customers. / / But as with all startups, he faced challenges trying to land his first clients. And that's where his hustle and determination came into play. He utilized the ?SUYA method? of offering free training and coaching sessions in exchange for testimonials and referrals. The tactic proved so successful that he landed his first paying client within a few short months. Since landing his first customer, he?s been able to attract blue chip companies and governmental organizations including the Nigeria Police Force as clients. / / In a bid to grow the business and scale up his operations he applied for, and received a $5000 grant from The Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Program. An astounding achievement considering his startup is primarily focused on soft skills and not in popular fields like technology or agriculture. / / Though still in the early stages of development, he acknowledges that the successes he has experienced thus far are primarily attributable to his absolute faith in God and his determination to passionately pursue his vision regardless of the obstacles he faces. / / A Father, Husband, published author with over ten books, frequent speaker, preacher and teacher Charles maintains his busy schedule by ensuring that his personal life and family time take top priority while his other activities revolve around his meticulously planned schedule. / / So listen, learn and most importantly take action. For further details and questions, Charles can be reached on the following platforms. / / Resources / / Books - The Bible / Bill Hybels - Who You Are When No One is Looking / Cohen - How To Make It Big As A Consultant / John Grisham books / / Books By Charles Okeibunor found on I Am Dynamite Bookstores / Foundation Redemption / Increase / beauty For Ashes / 10 Common Mistakes Managers Make / / CONTACT / Twitter: @Okeibunor11 / Facebook: / Email: / / BBM:335ADB0B / Phone : 08038268649

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