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May 9, 2017

How To Build A Badass Brand That Gives You A Financial Freedom With Pia Silva





In today's episode of The Bulletproof Entrepreneur, we chat with Pia Silva of Worstofall Design. Pia shares the story of how she and her partner went from $40,000 in debt to building a 6-figure business in under six months. Pia notes that when she and her partner started the business, they did everything “the right way.” They charged similarly to their competitors, approached business development and lead generation just like their peers and even hired personnel to achieve the look and feel of a “Big” firm.

Sadly, these tactics hurt their business. They were still losing money and lacked specificity in their actions because they catered to any client willing to sign a check. As a result, they were not nearly as successful they would have liked. It wasn't until she and her partner sat down to thoroughly analyze their business and make tough decisions before they started to make progress and get traction.

After narrowing their focus and only specializing in working with a particular type of customer and offering a limited range of services, Pia and her partner were able to turn around their business from the brink of bankruptcy to profitability within six months. They not only became profitable but were able to create the more free time and generate more money while working less. 

 Pia notes that though the journey has had many ups and downs there's nothing she enjoys more that working on her business and helping her clients succeed. She shared her personal and professional struggles, dealing with the impostor syndrome and advice for young entrepreneurs coming to grips with the challenges of building a new business.

In her new book “Badass Your Brand - The Impatient Entrepreneur’s Guide to Turning Expertise into Profit” she narrates the story of how she and her partner Steve were able to hit upon a winning formula for creating lasting business success and how they were able to apply these lessons to the benefit of their clients. We discuss a few of the strategies she relies on to help customers become Badass Brands and how any small business can tap into their inner Badassery. You will want to listen attentively and take notes because there’s a lot of subtle wisdom shared in this episode. Pia is a featured contributor on and a participant in the Entrepreneurs Organization accelerator.

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