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May 1, 2018

Ravi Jayagopal Founder Of SubscribeMe.FM Teaches Your How To Start A Successful Online Business.

Ravi Jayagopal is the Co-Founder & Co-Developer of, a premier membership platform for WordPress. He’s a full-time Entrepreneur based in San Diego, CA.

He launched my first web site in 1997 - a site about Indian baby names (when he was still living in India) - which went on to become the number 1 indian baby names site in the world for over 7 years, when it held the first spot on Google for that entire duration.

He has been selling digital products online for the past 18 years. He’s consulted and coached thousands of clients and helped them create a profitable online business using membership sites and recurring subscriptions.

He’s a pioneer and visionary in the online digital marketing space in some ways. The first Indian to sell a physical book online to an international market, way back in 1998. After failing at 2 brick-n-mortar businesses in India, he moved to New York in 2000 taking on a programming job, and as a hobby, working nights and weekends, I developed and marketed the world's first download protector software for Paypal and ClickBank. He wrote a book in 2007 called "No Business Like E-Business" which went on to become an Amazon category best seller at the time.

He invented the words - and the concept - "Content Dripping" and created the first-ever WordPress membership plugin, Digital Access Pass, that allowed you to drip content.

He is the host of a new upcoming podcast at where he talks all about the making, marketing and monetizing of online digital content using membership sites and recurring subscriptions. Coming from very humble beginnings in India, today he is a highly successful internet entrepreneur, and he gives back to Indian children and communities in extreme poverty, to the tune of over $100,000 a year.

He lives in San Diego, CA with my beautiful wife, 2 amazing kids, and a male dog inexplicably named Vanilla! 

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