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July 3, 2017

Rex Conner Of Mager Consortium Discusses How Businesses Can Profit From Applying Common Sense In Their Operations

In this episode of The Bulletproof Entrepreneur podcast, we discuss how businesses can profit from applying common sense in their operations with Rex Conner.

Rex is the co-founder and Lead Partner of Mager Consortium, the company which Dr. Mager (a pioneer and thought-leader in the management consulting world) has entrusted with teaching his workshops and managing his publications.

Rex's career started in the US Air Force where he was an Instructor Pilot/Flight Examiner and earned a Masters degree in Curriculum & Instruction and a Doctorate in Flying Instruction from Air University.

He retired from the Air Force and went into management consulting. During an eight-year stint as a corporate trainer in a financial services company, Rex learned the CRI methodology and has since been a practitioner, coach, trainer, consultant, and advocate for it in over 50 businesses in more than a dozen industries during the last 20 years.

As the lead partner in Mager Consortium, Rex and his team help businesses by teaching them how to apply common sense principles in various aspects of their operations. From hiring & onboarding to succession planning and everything in between, Rex shows companies how to use the CRI methodology to get results that drive profitability and reduce costs.

In this conversation, we discuss some common areas where companies fail to apply common sense and what they can do to correct their mistakes. There are a lot of actionable tips in this episode so listen, learn and take plenty of notes.



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What If Common Sense Was Common Practice In Business?

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