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April 19, 2017

051: How To Legally Bulletproof Your Business On The Internet with Richard Chapo

In today’s episode of the Bulletproof Entrepreneur podcast, we chat with Richard Chapo aka The Socal Internet Lawyer. Richard started his entrepreneurial journey around the turn of the century when the Dotcom boom was just hitting its stride. He and a partner worked on several projects helping entrepreneurs navigate the new and exciting challenges that arose as a result of the opportunities created by the internet. Coming from a wrongful death/ healthcare law background, Richard realized that his true calling lay in helping people building things that have lasting impact and value to the society.

These days Richard spends his time working with entrepreneurs and solopreneurs as a trusted advisor and counselor. He consults on issues ranging from business entity formation and incorporation, copyright infringement, DMCA compliance and implementation, legal matters concerning ownership content created by third party providers and lots more.

In this discussion we talked about what led him down the path of entrepreneurship, the five top challenges startups face from a legal perspective, use of equity as payment for service providers like lawyers and consultants, etc.

Richard has come a long way from his early days as a young lawyer trying to climb the corporate ladder and has acquired some battle scars of entrepreneurship that have given him a unique perspective on work, life and finding happiness in your vocation. He’s also experienced some pretty hilarious and scary situations like the time he and a friend went on a road trip in Siberia, Russia and their driver turned out to be a crusty one-eyed man. I had a lot of fun in this episode, and I believe there are many nuggets of wisdom you can learn from Richard. So listen, learn and execute.

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