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June 7, 2017

Todd Tresidder Discusses How You Can Achieve Financial Freedom Using An Unconventional Approach

Todd Tresidder is a former hedge fund entrepreneur who figured out a process of how to achieve financial independence fairly quickly. His method worked so well that at the young age of 35, he retired from active work. A little over twenty years ago in his estimation.

He proved that by using math and applying common sense, anyone can achieve financial freedom regardless of their industry, profession, resources, connections or lack thereof.

But he wasn't satisfied with just making money alone. After some self-reflection and soul-searching, he realized that he wanted to leave a legacy when he was gone. At the encouragement of his wife, he took steps to start sharing his wisdom. He got so good at helping people achieve their dream of financial independence, that he had to stop his coaching program because he couldn't meet up with the demand.

That's when he decided to create a platform where people can have access to his teachings and training, and thus was born. FM is a place where you can learn about the three paths to financial freedom, and how you can apply esoteric principles like Expectancy to determine the likelihood of success of any venture. It productizes all of Todd's accumulated wisdom from a lifetime of research and makes it readily available to anyone with a hunger for learning.

In this fast paced episode we discuss everything from his morning routine, success habits, asset allocation, wealth building, product creation & monetization and biggest regret. Todd holds nothing back and gives you concrete steps on how to go out there and achieve your dreams. He's the author of 5 personal finance books and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, IBD and more.

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The War of Art – Todd’s Favourite Business Book
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